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10 Indoor Activities To Do With Your Kids This Winter

Temperatures are dropping, which means it’s time to stay inside! Keep your kids (and yourself) from getting restless with this fun list of indoor activities you can do around Waukesha this winter.

1. Bounce!

Jump around at the Helium Trampoline & Indoor Adventure Park. Bonus points - they also have laser tag and a rockwall!

2. Play!

Check out an indoor playground. Chasing Tales or Fun Timez are great place to start.

3. Sing!

Sign up for a music class. Spring City Family Music Center offers classes for kids of all ages!

4. Tumble!

Move your body at Salto Gymnastics Center. Open gym is available to all children!

5. Splash!

Head to your local YMCA and splash around the indoor pool. Maybe if you use your imagination, you can feel some summer sunshine while you’re in there.

6. Read!

Get a free library card and teach your kids the magic of getting lost in a good book.

7. Skate!

Get the best of both worlds at an indoor ice skating rink! Naga-Waukee Park Ice Arena has skating all year round.

8. Watch!

Grab a matinee with your kids. On weekends during the winter, certain Marcus Theaters will be showing family-friendly movies for only $3!

9. Create!

Let out your inner Picasso. Stop by the Waukesha Public Library for Art Sundays - art activities for the whole family. The fridge could always use some new artwork, right?

10. Shine!

Go to your favorite dentist! Kids should get their teeth cleaned at least once every sixth months for optimal health. Click here to schedule an appointment today.

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