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10 Reasons Waukesha Is The Best Place To Live

Waukesha may not be the most popular city in the world, but that just means it has that hometown charm that we all know and love. Waukesha = amazing. It's as simple as that.

1. First of all, it's extremely photogenic.


2. Seriously.


3. It looks good in every season.


4. There’s beautiful nature around every corner.


5. And we mean EVERY corner.


6. Our architecture is stunning.


7. And you can always find good beer and pizza.


8. Our Les Paul Performance Center is simply amazing.


9. We embody the Midwestern nice idea.


10. Our citizens are always smiling.

Living in a city like Waukesha, it’s hard not to smile all of the time. Make sure your smile is sparkly and white! Schedule a checkup today.