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10 Restaurants Near Waukesha to Take a Date

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, you may find yourself flipping through reviews trying to find somewhere to take your sweetheart for dinner. Fortunately, there are many tasty choices, whether your date fancies steak or sushi, a budget dinner or a more extravagant meal. Shorten the learning curve by checking out these 10 Waukesha area restaurants.

1. Artisan 179

This restaurant offers homey dining spaces with a view of Pewaukee Lake. Treat yourselves to cocktails and gourmet starters like caprese flatbread or crab cakes, then move on to an entree inspired by cuisines from around the world, such as spicy ramen or tagliatelle. 

2. Arepanitas

This colorful Venezuelan cafe offers a unique dining experience, with swirly green and blue murals on the walls, rainbow furniture, and rain forest-themed art. Grab a Valentine’s Day lunch of empanadas and arepas. Be sure to try the yuca fritas!

3. Five O’Clock Steakhouse

This classic supper club will take you back in time to the 1960's. You can order a cocktail at the bar to sip while you select your favorite cut of beef. Dust off your favorite dress or suit coat and take your date out for a steak in Milwaukee.

4. Schwefel’s Restaurant

Order sauerbraten or weiner schnitzel at this old-fashioned German restaurant in Oconomowoc. If you’re there on Friday, check out the fish fry. Don’t forget to try schaum torte piled with whipped cream and strawberry sauce for dessert!

You can visit their website here.

5. Tofte’s Table

This Waukesha restaurant balances a relaxed atmosphere with foodie dinner fare. The menu is seasonal, featuring comfort foods with a chef’s touch. Try the Amish chicken with creamy mashed potatoes.

6. Sobelmans Pub and Grill

If you and your hubby are craving a burger, look no further. At this local franchise, you can order a large hamburger with chunky fries or tots and tailor it with toppings ranging from smoky bacon to caramelized onions.

7. The Union House Restaurant

For a very special evening, take your date to this restaurant, located in the old Union House Hotel. Order the perfect wine, scotch, or barrel-aged cocktail to go with wild boar or a salmon fillet.

You can visit their website here.

8. Meiji Cuisine

Take your date out for hibachi this Valentine’s day. Relax in this streamlined Japanese restaurant and watch as the chefs cook your meal in front of you. If you’re not feeling like hibachi, try ordering their sushi or crispy walnut shrimp. Then, finish your meal with a light dessert of mochi.

9. Pat’s Rib Place

For a smoking good barbecue, try this Waukesha restaurant. Share an order of ribs with your partner or try the beef tips. Whatever you order, it’s hard to go wrong with their selection of meats.

10. l.d.

If you want to blow your date away with an elegant atmosphere, try this award-winning restaurant. It has a wide variety of dishes to try, from kimchi sweet potato pancakes to snow crab.

You can visit their website here.

Happy Valentines Day! Remember to floss after dinner and schedule your next dental appointment.