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8 Things All Waukeshans Love

Here in Waukesha, we know how to appreciate the little things in life. And we sure have a lot of things to appreciate here. Here are eight things that capture the hearts of all Waukeshans…

1. Squeaky Cheese Curds

We Waukeshans know that the best way to judge a cheese curd is to listen for its squeak. Head to the farmer’s market or your local grocery store for the real stuff.

2. Supper Clubs

From Eric’s Porter-Haus to Didi's Supper Club to Butler Inn, there are always plenty of options. Grab some friends and dig in!

3. The Packers

Every good Sconnie knows that Sundays are for the Packers. Grab some friends and head to Fuzzy’s or Mainstream to cheer on your favorite team. Go, Pack, go!

4. People Watching

Take a seat on one of the many outdoor patios and relax as you watch people go by. Our favorite spots? Café de Arts or The Steaming Cup, of course.

5. Friday Fish Fry

Here in Waukesha, we’re very serious about Friday fish fry. Head to Tally’s Tap or Finnagains…With battered fish and a deep fryer, you really can’t go wrong.

6. Les Paul

Is Les Paul the greatest musician of all time? Quite possibly. We’re certainly not going to argue otherwise…

7. Boozy Brunch!

Between Bloody Marys and bottomless mimosas, we know how to spend our weekends right. Sobelman's or Fuzzy’s are the go to spots.

8. Having Clean Teeth

When you live in Waukesha, it’s hard not to smile. So make sure that your teeth are shiny and clean by visiting your favorite dentist.

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